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Espresso – Stardew Valley Wiki

Espresso is a drink made by putting 5 Espresso Beans inside a Keg, or bought on the Stardrop Saloon for data-sort-value=”300″>Espresso – Stardew Valley Wiki300g. On the Night time Market, one free cup of espresso per evening could be obtained from the Desert Dealer. If the participant owns a Espresso Maker, they will purchase one free cup of espresso each morning. 1-2 Espresso could sometimes be present in Provide Crates on the Seashore Farm if the participant has not upgraded the Farmhouse but. Carrying a Scorching Java Ring offers a 25% probability for monsters to drop Espresso when killed.

When consumed, it grants the participant +1 Velocity for 1m 23s. The pace of the participant’s horse can also be elevated. As a drink, its buff stacks with any meals buffs (together with Velocity), however replaces every other drink buffs (i.e., from Triple Shot Espresso, Ginger Ale or Inexperienced Tea).

Not like all different Keg merchandise, Espresso will not be thought of to be an Artisan Good. Due to this fact, its sale value doesn’t profit from the Artisan occupation. Additionally, Espresso can’t be offered to the Common Retailer; it should be offered utilizing the Transport Bin.

Be aware that 5 beans of the identical high quality (regular, silver, or gold) should be used to make espresso; the keg won’t settle for beans that aren’t in a single stack of 5.




Espresso will not be utilized in any bundles.


Espresso can be utilized within the spool of the Stitching Machine to create the Pour-Over Shirt. Shirt269.png It may be utilized in dyeing, serving as an orange dye on the dye pots, situated in Emily’s and Haley’s home, 2 Willow Lane.


Espresso will not be utilized in any quests.

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